Specialized Acute Rehab for Stroke, Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury

Safety Is Our First Priority

At the Rehabilitation Institute at Palmdale Regional, the safety of our community is our first priority. We are following all CDC and state guidelines to keep patients safe during their post-acute stay while still maximizing the intensive therapy they need to achieve superior outcomes.

The following protocols have been enacted to protect the health and wellness of our patients, visitors and staff.

  • Universal shield and masking.
  • All equipment in our therapy gym is cleaned thoroughly between each patient and at the end of each day.
  • Social distancing is followed by our patients and staff in the gym as well as during the Rehabilitation Dining Program.
  • All staff and pre-approved caregiver personnel are screened for exposure, signs, and symptoms prior to entering the hospital.
  • Patients are evaluated before admission for exposure and the presence of COVID-19. Appropriate measures are immediately implemented to keep the patient and staff safe.
  • Evaluations throughout the day to identify potential signs and symptoms of changes in condition that could be related to COVID-19 or any infectious disease.

We remain open for referrals 7 days a week, and are available to help transition your patients to inpatient rehabilitation. Our liaisons are working on-site at our hospital and are available to respond to referrals (see below for contact information).

The Rehabilitation Institute at Palmdale Regional is designed to help patients with disabling physical or neurological conditions restore function and enhance their quality of life. The unit features 27 private rooms and specialized areas for training and activities. It is the goal of the Rehabilitation Institute to return the patient to their prior functional status through specialized inpatient rehabilitation.

Our interdisciplinary team provides care for a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Brain trauma rehabilitation
  • Brain injury rehabilitation
  • Spinal cord injury rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

In the healthcare setting, communication among the interdisciplinary team is a key element in successful patient outcomes. This especially holds true in the Rehabilitation Institute at Palmdale Regional, where a well-organized and coordinated team of inter-professional healthcare members collaborate, including physical therapists, occupational and speech therapists, nurses (24 hours), unit director, medical director (a physiatrist) and pain management specialist.

The "Guidelines for Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery: A Guideline for Healthcare Professionals" from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA and ASA) state, “The studies that have compared outcomes in hospitalized stroke patients first discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, a skilled nursing facility, or a nursing home have generally shown that inpatient rehabilitation facility patients have higher rates of return to community living and greater functional recovery, whereas patients discharged to a skilled nursing facility or a nursing home have higher re-hospitalization rates and substantially poorer survival.” It is also noted by the AHA and ASA that stroke survivors receive preferential treatment in an acute rehabilitation setting versus a skilled nursing facility.

Podcast: Acute Rehab After Stroke

In this segment, Stefan Humphries, MD, explains why patients who've suffered a stroke should seek acute rehab and what to expect in the recovery process.

Following your stay in the Rehabilitation Institute, specialty care continues through outpatient therapy and other services at Palmdale Regional Medical Center.

Healthy Journey Program

The Healthy Journey program at Palmdale Regional is open to anyone age 50 and older. You’ll receive a comprehensive set of benefits just for joining.

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Innovative Equipment

The unit features innovative equipment to aid in your recovery, including the Vector Gait and Safety System®. This ceiling-mounted gait and safety system is designed to help patients improve mobility and balance while promoting a faster recovery. The system continually offsets a selected amount of the patient's weight as they move, which enables them to safely and confidently perform rehabilitative exercises.

The system is designed for both physical and occupational therapy and can help patients recovering from a variety of conditions.

Learn more about the Rehabilitation Institute's equipment, services and team in the videos below:



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Get a Physician Referral

If you need a referral to a physician at Palmdale Regional Medical Center, call our free physician referral service at 1-800-851-9780.